GSTIN of different units under HLL

HLL Lifecare Limited
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
(MOHFW) Govt. of India
Registered & Corporate Office:
Hll Bhavan, Poojapura, Thiruvananthapuram - 695012

CIN NO.     U25193KL1966GOI002621
PAN NO.     AAACH5598K

Contact Person/Contact No.     Manoharan Nair G S - 0471-2354949
Email ID

State  GSTN
Peroorkada & Irapuram Factory  32AAACH5598K2Z9
Akkulam Factory  32AAACH5598K6Z5
Kakkanad Factory (SEZ)  32AAACH5598K5Z6
Registered office & International Business division  32AAACH5598K4Z7
Other units in Kerala  32AAACH5598K3Z8
Other States
Himachal Pradesh  02AAACH5598K1ZD
Punjab  03AAACH5598K1ZB
Chandigarh 04AAACH5598K1Z9
Uttarakhand 05AAACH5598K2Z6
Hariyana  06AAACH5598K1Z5
Delhi  07AAACH5598K1Z3
Rajasthan  08AAACH5598K1Z1
Uttarpradesh  09AAACH5598K1ZZ
Bihar  10AAACH5598K1ZG
Manipur 14AAACH5598K2Z7
Tripura  16AAACH5598K1Z4
Meghalaya  17AAACH5598K1Z2
Assam  18AAACH5598K1Z0
West Bengal  19AAACH5598K1ZY
Jharkhand 20AAACH5598K1ZF
Odisha 21AAACH5598K1ZD
Chattisgarh 22AAACH5598K1ZB
Madhya Pradesh  23AAACH5598K1Z9
Gujarat  24AAACH5598K1Z7
Maharashtra  27AAACH5598K1Z1
Karnataka  29AAACH5598K1ZX
Tamilnadu  33AAACH5598K1Z8
Pondicherry  34AAACH5598K1Z6
Telangana 36AAACH5598K1Z2
Andrapradesh  37AAACH5598K1Z0