CSR & SD Activities

    • Continuation and consistency can steadily bring long-lasting changes and that’s why HLL continues its CSR & SD initiatives in the two adopted villages while expanding its social service activities to other areas.

      Medical Checkup

      During 2013-14, two specialty medical camps were held in Karakulam Village- at GLPS, Mukkola and GVHSS, Karakulam- on November 9 and 16, 2013, respectively. Mr G. Satheesh Kumar, Senior Vice-President, HLL, inaugurated the camp held at Mukkola. Mrs Ajitha Kumari, Vice-president, Karakulam Panchayat, inaugurated the camp held at Government VHSS, Karakulam. More than 850 people were treated in the specialty clinics set up for the dental, ophthalmological, respiratory, pediatric, diabetes and blood pressure problems. Free medicines were given to the needy patients and the Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) was also conducted for free of charge. Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Govt Dental College, Thiruvananthapuram and Indian Academy of Pediatrics associated with the camps.

      A noteworthy feature of the specialty camps was that HLL distributed spectacles free of cost to 174 patients from BPL families who attended the camps during 2012-14.

      HLL organised a focused campaign in Karakulam village, using customised Sugar Testing and Review (STAR) van. A total of 4030 people were screened for their diabetic status through the campaign conducted during 2013-14. Around 23 per cent of the people screened were suspected to have diabetes and they were counselled to go for confirmatory tests. It was also revealed that 78 per cent of the people who attended the camps had never gone for any sort of testing for detecting their diabetic status.

      A campaign launched in Kanagala village screened individuals for diabetes using STAR Van. The Medical Officer of Kanagala Primary Health Centre Dr Yasmin Nada participated in the campaign along with PHC Staff and ASHA Workers.More than 3.5% of the 2,030 people in Kanagala were identified as diabetics.

      HLL also joined hands with local medical professionals, Prabhakar Kore KLEs Charitable Hospital, Belgaum and Primary Health Centre, Kanagala, to organise two general medical check-up camps in the village, in July and in December 2013 offering the services of a number of specialist doctors. More than 500 villagers were given professional health examinations and free medicines.

      Adolescent health interventions

      menstrual hygiene for the adolescent girls in GVHSS, Karakulam; GHS, Karakulam; LMS HSS, Vattappara; and LMS HS, Vattappara. In addition, 14 sessions on the topic were conducted at different Anganwadis for adolescent girls (who were not school students of Karakulam Panchayat) through which 673 girls were given training. The field-level classes were facilitated by select Anganwadi workers, health staff and HLFFPT field staff.

      The activities in Kanagala for the promotion of menstrual hygiene (classes and free distribution of sanitary napkins) were continued during the year 2013-14.

      HLL in association with HLFPPT and Spandana (HLL Ladies Club) conducted special awareness programmes on personal hygiene among menstruating women and girls in the community. Besides Kanagala residents, ASHA workers, Anganawadi teachers, schoolteachers and Spandana Ladies club members attended the first awareness programme held at Kanagala Maruti Temple.

      The classes attended by eminent gynecologists of the region discussed importance of nutritious food for the girl child, adolescent health and maternal health, menstrual hygiene, the importance of sanitary napkin use and its disposal and gynecological problems, and screening for early detection of uterus related problems. Similar programmes were conducted in different areas with hundreds of people participating and thousands of sanitary pouches distributed free to the women and girls.

      Awareness Programmes

      In order to fight vector-borne diseases such as malaria, chikungunya, dengue and H1N1, prevailing in Kanagala area, the HLL team conducted awareness programmes in June for adults as well as schoolchildren in the village. Experts were on hand to explain about the diseases, their symptoms, treatment and methods of prevention.

      Voluntary Blood Donation

      In October 2013, HLL marked the ‘National Voluntary Blood Donation Day’ by organising a special blood donation camp with the support of HLFPPT, Lions Blood Bank, Gadhinglaj and HICARE (Healthcare Division of HLL Lifecare Limited).

      Training Programmes

      HLL extended its CSR activities to social empowerment, which would lead to better community health conditions.

      During 2013-14, HLL conducted training programme for Plus Two students of GVHSS Karakulam on January 3-4, 2014 at Sree Prabha Auditorium in Karakulam. Dr Babu Thomas, Senior Vice President, HLL, inaugurated the programme. Mr M. S. Raju, District Panchayat Member, presided over the function. A total of 210 students participated in the programme that was held in four batches.

      Similarly, Life Skill Education Training Programmes were conducted for students at the Shri Appanagouda Patil Vidya Mandir and the Government Kannada and Marathi Schools in Kanagala, to enable them realise their full potential. More than 200 students were trained in communication skills, decision-making skills, creative thinking, critical thinking, coping with stress, coping with emotions, interpersonal relationship skills, empathy and self-awareness. Such a discussion forum was a first time experience for many students.


      In order to accelerate the community interventions and to carry forward the public health-related activities in the Panchayat, HLL organised a training programme for the community-level volunteers. HLL and PHC organised a training programme for all the ASHA workers and Health Promotion Team Volunteers at two locations in Karakulam.

      The Capacity Building Training Programmes conducted in Kanagala for ASHA volunteers, Anganawadi Teachers and Primary Health Centre Staff was a unique one. The training programmes for health volunteers discussed problem identification of school, society and family, the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, communication skills, problem solving, critical thinking and self-awareness skills.

      Counselling programmes

      The baseline survey indicated relatively high school dropout rates, especially among girls, in high school and at the higher secondary level. HLL instituted individual and group counselling services for adolescents to motivate them and to raise awareness about the need of education, financial independence and employment.

      Around 230 students participated in the counselling programmes. Many of the participants showed general health issues, a reluctance to study and general fear and anxiety. Psychologists helped the student overcome these issues.

      As a follow-up programme to tackle school dropouts, HLL also initiated sponsorship programmes for meritorious students.

      Infrastructure Development at Schools

      Considering the vital role of educational institutions in development process, HLL decided to strengthen the schools in adopted villages by developing tailor-made packages for each school. During the period 2012-14, the company set up urinals and toilets in Government Vocational and Higher Secondary School, Karakulam; Government UPS Kazhunadu; and LHS HS, Vattappara through construction or renovation of existing facilities. During 2013-14, HLL renovated 2 urinals and constructed 2 toilets in Vidhyathiraja LPS, Vidhyathirajapuram and renovated the pre-primary classes and the dining hall of Government UPS at Kazhunadu by providing vitrified tiles for flooring. A children’s park of the school was renovated through a fresh coat of painting, repairing of existing equipment and fixing additional slide, merry go round and monkey climb. HLL also constructed a compound wall in Government LPS at Chittazha.

      Supporting Schools at Kanagala village received constant support from HLL, not limited to financial assistance. Installation of drinking water facilities, construction of toilets and urinals, blood group detection camp for students and computer/public speaking system/ sports material donation are among the progressive initiatives by HLL for schools and schoolchildren.


      Enhancing performance

      HLL helped the Government Vocational and Higher Secondary School, Karakulam in formulating a master plan for improving the overall performance of the school within a period of three years. The Programme named ‘Samagra’, jointly initiated by the Parent Teacher Association and HLL Lifecare Ltd aims at strengthening the Curricular, Co-curricular and Extra Curricular activities of the school and to make it one of the best schools in the State.

      Early detection of cancer

      Considering the increasing number of cancer cases and related deaths reported from the community in Karakulam, HLL conducted screening camps for the early detection of breast and cervical cancer for women in association with Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Thiruvananthapuram and Primary Health Centre, Karakulam. Following the 3 camps organised at different locations during the year 2012-13, HLL organised another 3 camps in 2013-14 covering a total of 509 women from 18 wards of the Panchayat. A team of RCC, led by Dr Kalavathy M C, conducted the camps for HLL. ASHA and Anganwadi workers, under the supervision of health staff, played an important role in mobilising the women to the camps. The concluding ceremony of the breast cancer awareness month was jointly organised by the PINK Women’s Forum of HLL and RCC on October 30, 2013 at MAK Auditorium, Nettayam, Thiruvananthapuram. The table below gives a breakup of the screening camps and the number of women who were screened for cancers during the year 2013-14 in Karakulam Village:


      Date Venue No of women covered
      11.10.13 Community Hall, Manjamcod 94
      23.10.13 Vidhyathiraja LPS, Karakulam 111
      30.10.13 MAK Auditorium, Nettayam 102
      Total 307
      Public Health Campaigns

      HLL expanded Public Health campaigns during 2013-14 by covering more people in its ambit and creating awareness among them on vector-borne diseases and solid waste management. As part of the campaign to address source reduction activities for vector-borne diseases, HLL conducted house visits and cleaning in public places, besides organising a street play on October 14 and 16, 2013. The programmes were conducted in collaboration with the National Service Scheme (NSS) volunteers of Mar Ivanios College, Thiruvananthapuram, Primary Health Centre and the Gram Panchayat. More than a 100 students visited about 500 houses in five wards of the Panchayat along with ASHA workers and the health staff. They educated the households about the importance of conducting source reduction activities at frequent intervals. Leaflet and other educational materials were also distributed.

      To create a lasting impact on the people on the need to maintain cleanliness, a select band of volunteers staged an awareness street play at eight high-commute locations of the Panchayat. Further, the NSS volunteers, with the support of local people, conducted a mass cleaning drive in some targeted public areas.

      An awareness campaign on waste management was held in the Panchayat from December 20 to January 17 during 2013-14. As part of the campaign, the NSS volunteers of Mar Ivanios College, along with ASHA workers and the health staff, visited 400 houses. The objective was to educate the residents about the importance of proper waste management and adoption of viable models suited for the household.

      School beautification and cleaning works were also conducted by the volunteers as part of the campaign. Apart from this, an awareness puppet show was conducted at 12 prime locations of the Panchayat, which attracted a large number of people. In order to create awareness on waste management among the students a magic show was conducted in nine schools in the Panchayat. The Project Karakulam and Kanagala are in full swing, thanks to the sustained efforts and unflinching determination of the HLL team members, whose efforts have yielded a substantial change in the life of the people in the villages.

      My City Project

      My City’,an integrated solid waste management project, is a novel and imitable CSR scheme of HLL, which aims at transforming Kowdiar ward in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, where HLL’s Peroorkada factory is located. The project is being implemented in partnership with the Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram and the Foundation for Restoration of National Values (FRNV), an altruistic organisation headed by the Metro Man of India Dr E. Sreedharan.

      The campaign focuses on generating behavioural change as a prelude to fostering a new civic sense among the people by using social marketing techniques. It involves treatment of solid waste at the source by the households, using pipe compost / biogas plants in an eco-friendly manner. It also targets clean, well-lit streets and greenery and landscaping in public places. The entire street will eventually have a unified colour scheme under the project. Kowdiar Ward, which comprises of 2,000 households, covers an area of 2.5 sq km and a population of around 10,000. HLL has also been maintaining the Kowdiar Park, near Kowdiar Palace for the last ten years. The project combines the best of existing waste management practices and technologies and implement them more effectively. The idea is to make Kowdiar – a model ward for the rest of the city.

      An estimated five tonnes of waste per day is generated in Kowdiar, which includes 3.5 tonnes/day of primary waste or bio-degradable garbage, one tonne of secondary waste such as plastics and paper, and 0.5 tonnes of tertiary waste like e-waste, glass, hardware items and wood waste. Plans are on hand to install shredding machines to process plastic waste and also to tie up with agencies for recycling e-waste.

      Running parallel to the solid waste management, project also functions as waste reduction programme, including promoting the use of cloth/ paper bags. There is a help desk and a team of monitoring personnel for assistance. Volunteers to support the project have been chosen from among students, retired people and housewives. The campaign and training will continue onto the second year and HLL expects the system to run on its own with the support from stakeholders and the Corporation by the third year.

      Pakal Veedu

      Pakal Veedu, an initiative of the Government Mental Healthcare Centre, Thiruvananthapuram, offers career opportunities to the recovered-patients, thereby raising their standard of living. As part of CSR, HLL continues its supports to the project by outsourcing it a portion of Peroorkada Factory’s condom-peeling work which helps the project to rehabilitate the recovered-patients with a regular source of income.

      functions efficiently empowering the differently abled. HLL stood for this project as part of promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) providing career opportunities to the recovered patients, thereby raising their standard of living.

      Wayanad Project

      Programmes on adolescent health improvement for tribals, life skills education for Plus Two students and menstrual hygiene for adolescent girls were among a slew of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives undertaken by HLL Lifecare Limited in Kerala during 2013-14. A major CSR initiative of HLL was launched in Kerala’s Wayanad district, which has many native tribal settings. It commenced its CSR activities in the area by conducting a preliminary study, covering five panchayats in Vythiri Taluk of Wayanad district.

      Based on the findings of the study, HLL decided to adopt Pozhuthana Gram Panchayat for bringing a qualitative improvement in the areas of health and education. It has already done a needs assessment-cum-baseline study covering 13 wards and major institutions in the area. The primary focus of the project is to improve adolescent health and academic performance of the schools in those five panchayats.

      The project is being implemented in association with Pozhuthana Gram Panchayat, Primary Health Centre, government schools and Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS). Life skills education programme for Plus Two Students

      HLL organised a training programme for the students of Government Higher Secondary School, Achoor. The programme covered 262 students in four batches. Sessions on basic life skills and career options were covered under the initiative, which was greatly appreciated by the intended beneficiaries.

      • Orientation programme for adolescent girls on menstrual hygiene

      HLL conducted 15 training programmes for the adolescent girls in association with Achoor Higher Secondary School and Anganwadis. A total of 520 girls participated in the programme. Sessions on growth and development, menstruation and hygiene were included in the programme, which was organised in association with ICDS and Public Health Centre Pozhuthana. All the students who attended the sessions were supplied with sanitary napkins free of cost.

      • Consultative meeting of parents and teachers

      In yet another CSR initiative, HLL organised consultative meeting of parents and teachers of Achoor Government High School and Higher Secondary School on 30 January 2014. In conjunction with HLFPPT, it developed a detailed plan of action for improving the academic performance of the schools, based on the inputs from parents, teachers and students as well as the findings of the needs assessment study.

      Sustainable Development Initiatives

      HLL’s has implemented a wide range of Sustainable Development activities including energy conservation and promotion of alternative energy initiatives during 2013-14.

      HLL’s mother plant in Peroorkkada has implemented the following Sustainable Development initiatives through 2013-14.

      • Condensate recovery system is modified in four moulding machines which saves 40.49 KL of Furnace Oil results for a saving of INR 20 Lakh annually.
      • Implementation of Centrifuge filtration with steam heating of Furnace Oil at Day tank of boiler saves an average of INR 66000 per year.
      • Conversion of electrical to steam heating done in three leaching tanks and three tumbling machines helps to save INR 4,23,360 yearly.
      • Automation of the compounding tanks in Plant A saves INR 2 Lakh per annum.
      • Replacement of conventional drive (belt and chain) with direct drive in Vulcanizing Machine saves energy with zero maintenance.
      • Intelligent substation automation system brings a saving of INR 6 Lakh annually.

      HLL’s other production facilities in various locations in India have carried out the following Sustainable Development activities in 2013-14.

      • Installed two 24W Solar LED lighting systems at Kakkanad Factory Cochin (KFC) Installation of 2 nos. of 24W solar LED lighting system.
      • Installed LED based luminaries in place of conventional luminary at Kanagala Factory Belgaum (KFB).
      • KFB started using alternate fuel for Boiler in place of Furnace Oil (Bio Fuel).
      • Installation of Bio gas at KFB canteen.
      • HLL Akkulam Factory Thiruvananthapuram (AFT) has replaced three old Conventional Air Handling Units (AHU)in Labeling Area, Cu-T Area and HF Welding Area with new Double Skin type AHUs.
      • AFT replaced 175 numbers of Tube Lights with LED Lamps in the Clean Rooms.
      • AFT carried out improvement of Power Factor from 0.93 to 0.99 by installing two Automatic Power Factor Control Panels.